QORI is an Ad server with an intuitive cloud-based administration interface that stores online advertisements of all media types (including video) and delivers them to online media audiences using “any type of screen” including smartphones. QORI boosts campaigns’ CTRs, offers Cost per Action payment mode and helps you to cut off wasteful expenses.
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GAM is a global ad market where you can place Ads on a lot of websites in Japan and all over the world. We have plenty of media selection where you can deliver your advertisements worldwide. This allows you to reach a wide range of targets globally. Why don’t you join us?
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GAM is a global ad market that delivers Advertisements on your website. Why don’t you join us, and easily earn revenues monetizing your Web sites for PCs and smartphones, iPhone apps or Android apps?. In contrast with large Ad networks, QORI lets you be in total control of what Ads appear on your ad spaces.
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Consultation for Business in Overseas
We provide consultation on alternative media options to help companies that want to start a business in overseas create their optimal media portfolio besides providing them a website and marketing research.
・Expert advice on local advertising and media regulations
・Translation and copy adaptation in over 60 languages
・Trade show listings and calendars in local markets to optimize participation and tie-in advertising